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 Fastpitch Softball Gloves

The fastpitch softball gloves are the gloves worn by the defensive players in fast pitch softball. Generally, the softball gloves are a bit bigger than baseball gloves. The fastpitch softball glove is a larger glove used to catch field balls hit by a batter. The glove must be different than the color of the ball. The softball gloves, also called mitts, are normally larger than baseball gloves. Usually softball or baseball gloves are made of leather or a similar material. They have a pocket which is webbing between the thumb and the forefinger.

The catcher’s gloves are different from the other players’ gloves and they are called mitts. Softball catcher gloves have no fingers and they have an extra padding for protection. They are also normally larger than other players’ gloves. They also have a hinged (claw-like shape) which is useful when trying to catch a fastball. The mitts are measured around the circumference and they normally have 32 to 34 inch patterns. Generally the glove is worn on the non-dominant hand while the other hand is used for throwing the ball.

The softball glove is different for each player of the team. Even if normally only the defensive players can wear a glove, recent rules specify that all the players may wear them. Catcher’s gloves or mitts don’t have individual fingers but they do have an extra padding and a hinged, claw-like shape very useful when trying to catch a fast ball. They are a bit larger than other gloves and they regularly have 32 to 34 inch patterns. First baseman’s mitts are similar to catcher’s mitt without individual fingers and very long and wide to help them pick or scoop the badly thrown balls from infielders. Usually first basemen are left-handed and that is why first baseman’s gloves are more likely to fit the right hand. Infielders’ gloves are smaller with shallow pockets and with an opened web. They normally have 11 to 12 inch patterns, measured from the wrist to the tip. Pitchers’ gloves have closed and opaque webbing and outfielders’ gloves are quite long and they have deep pockets.

Outfielders’ gloves have 12 to 12.75 inch patterns. Switch-throwers’ gloves have a second thumb pocket on the opposite side of the glove. Gloves are part of the protective equipment as well. Apart from gloves, protective equipment includes helmets (mandatory for all batters and catchers in fast pitch). The catcher must also wear a face-mask and shin guards and all the players wear sliding pants under their shorts. Mainly, fastpitch softball gloves are baseball gloves but adapted for fast pitch balls that can be thrown at a higher speed than 90 miles per hour and they must be able to protect the players hand and wrist.

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